FlyNano personal seaplane gets real, goes electric

When we posted about the FlyNano last year, there was (apparently) some skepticism about whether it was anything more than a fanciful idea. Footage released this week shows the airplane undergoing flight testing on Monday, equipped with a new battery-powered engine.

FlyNano has been promising a lot: its carbon fiber personal seaplane is small, lightweight, easy to fly without a pilot's license, and costs under $34,000. The Finnish company has been working on it for several years now, but it was only this week that the FlyNano finally took to the air for the first time. As the video below shows, it's not just definitely real and operational, it also looks like fun. (You know, unless it's totally fake.)

The most fun part about the FlyNano is the fact that it's affordable: for a new aircraft, $34k is dirt cheap, and while you won't have room for passengers or cargo beyond what you can stuff into your pockets, who cares? With a small electric engine, you'll be able to hit over 80 mph, and the 9,800-foot service ceiling and 40-mile range is not too shabby for something that runs on batteries.

What generally happens with things like this is that as the commercial release gets closer, the price inevitably creeps up until it becomes much, much less fun. FlyNano has promised a final design next year with a delivery date at the end of 2013, and we'll be watching to make sure that we can still afford one on a blogger's salary.

Flynano, via Cafe Foundation

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