Finally, a skateboard that can ride smoothly down stairs

We've all seen those videos of kids trying, and usually failing, to jump big flights of stairs on their skateboards. But why jump the stairs when you can ride down them smoothly on the Stair Rover skateboard?

Created by graduate student Po-Chih Lai at London's Royal College of Art, the Stair Rover uses pivoting trucks with two wheels on each side to follow the contours of the stairs, allowing the board to ride down smoothly.

I like the way it seems to slink down steps as shown in the video, but I wonder if the ground clearance is high enough for most staircases. The final product is actually the eighth design tested, so it seems like Lai must have done quite a lot of thinking about the problem.

No word on whether there are any plans to put the Stair Rover into production.

Po-Chih Lai, via Deezen

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