Electronic yoga suit warns you when you're doing it all wrong

While it may seem gentle and serene, yoga can result in serious injuries when performed incorrectly. This sensor-equipped suit is designed to figure out when your positions are out of whack, letting you know with a gentle nudge.

The Move suit from Electricfoxy is equipped with four bend and stretch sensors that can determine exactly what position your poor body is being pushed into. If it's not the correct yoga position or something that could become dangerous, it will let you know through small haptic feedback devices that target the problem area. After your workout, the suit connects to your smartphone or tablet to give more detailed feedback about your routine, complete with diagrams showing your positions.

In addition to yoga, Electricfoxy says the suit can be used for pilates, golf, and even baseball, anywhere where a precise reading of your body position can help to improve performance.

The Today Show contacted a couple of yoga experts who were concerned that the suit might actually cause more harm than good, pushing people to try positions that their bodies simply aren't ready to take. I think they have a point, and without the personal feedback of a live yoga instructor it's hard to asses what's good or bad for an individual.

Currently the Move suit is a concept.

Electricfoxy, via Today

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