Dutch artist turns his dead cat into the purrfect quadrotor

Most people bury their pets when they die, but not Dutch artist Bart Jansen. He decided that a better send off for his late kitty Orville was to give him a bird's-eye view of the world by turning him into the world's first feline quadrotor helicopter.

Naming Orville after aviation pioneer Orville Wright, the cat, along with his brother Wilbur, were clearly born to fly. So when Orville was sadly killed by a car, Jansen figured creating the Orvillecopter would be a fitting tribute.

After a period of mourning, Jansen took Orville to a taxidermist who arranged him into the fully splayed out pose needed for the 'copter. Then Jansen built the quadrotor inside Orville, placing a rotor at the end of each of his outstretched limbs. The result seems to be remarkably stable in the air, making Orville the first dead cat who is six feet over instead of six feet under.

If you happen to be in Holland and want to see the Orvillecopter in person, he is currently on display at the Kunstrai Art Festival in Amsterdam.

Taxidermy is a touchy enough subject as it is. Taking the step from that to something like this — is it a loving tribute? A work of art? A travesty? — will no doubt touch similar nerves. Tell us which side you fall on in the comments below.

Sky News, via PopSci

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