LED fly trap sends bugs to death in style

Drop dead gorgeous. Killer good looks. This new fly trap is a designer's dream and a summertime bug's worst nightmare all wrapped into one. The new designer fly trap with the glowing LED light is a little lamp that will look great on your deck, but packs a unique punch to keep the bugs away from your outdoor leisure time.

Most of us are used to smelly citronella candles or bug zappers that sound like someone just fired off a taser instead of killing a mosquito. This InaTrap from Acase sends out a lovely glow from its LED bulb; the LED light combined with a photo-catalyst reaction produces a warm waft of CO2 that mimics a human breath.

The hapless bugs just can't resist the CO2 — and can't tell it's not human. Plus, "that light is freakin' fantastic," thinks the bug collective, and once they are too close to the glowing light to realize it's a trap, they are drawn into the stealthy little fan and dropped into pest prison.

At that point, let 'em fly or let 'em die; it's entirely up to you whether you empty the container before they go legs up.

Yes, I officially want to test one out. The light actually seems functional in it's own right regardless of it's unique bug trapping duties, and you've gotta love that.

The InaTrap is available from Amazon starting at $90.

Amazon, via Gizmodo

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