Designer wants to turn street signs into solar charging stations

Don't you hate it when you're out and about and your phone's battery dies? Sure you could slip into Starbucks and try to sneak a little juice from one of their wall outlets, but what if there were free solar charging stations out on the street?

Street Charge is a concept from New York design group Pensa that uses existing infrastructure like signposts to act as a support for the charging stations. A photovoltaic solar panel will charge a battery tucked into the post, which people can then use to charge their phones. The battery can also be used to power an LED light built into the back of the solar panel.

This sounds like a cool idea, but I see a lot of potential problems. Most people don't want to stand around a signpost for an hour while their phone charges, and if you just leave the phone on the little platform it's bound to attract the interest of passing phone-snatching thieves. I also wonder how much power that size panel can deliver, and how well the station would stand up to the rain and snow.

A good idea, but perhaps one that need further development.

Pensa, via Treehugger

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