Death Star ice ball maker keeps your drinks chilled on Tatooine

There's nothing like a nice cold iced tea to beat the summer heat. How does the Skywalker family serve out drinks on their moisture farm? With Death Star-shaped ice balls, of course.

Downing a hard drink with Death Star ice balls is the only way to protest the Imperial scum.

Kotobukiya's Death Star silicone ice ball maker can make ice balls that are about 60mm (in diameter) and can withstand liquid that's up to 230 degrees Celcius.

Look carefully and you'll see even the tiniest of details on this ice ball maker, including the "Super laser."

Kotobukiya hopes to have the product ready for sale in August for about $13.

If the Death Star ice ball is a bit too geeky or intimidating for you. You can pick up a regular silicon ice ball maker from MUJI for $12. It works exactly the same and keeps your drinks cold but without watering it down too fast. (Full disclosure: I used to work at MUJI once upon a moon ago and I do own one of the company's silicone ice ball makers.)

Kotobukiya, via Technabob

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