Helicopter bike conquers bad traffic, tall buildings

A Czechoslovakian design firm has joined forces with a Czechoslovakian light aircraft manufacturer and a Czechoslovakian bicycle company to make this flying Czechoslovakian bicycle electric helicopter thing.

If if weren't for the fact that this 200-pound bike is ridiculously giant and unwieldy, we might be sold on this idea. Theoretically, the FBike (it's called the "FBike") uses two main lift fans along with two side-mounted propellers to enable vertical take-offs and landings and three-axis control. It's all electric, but the battery system is minimal: expect just three to five minutes of flight time at 30 miles an hour.

This doesn't sound like a lot of airtime, but the idea is that you don't need a lot. The FBike is a bike that flies, not a helicopter that you can ride around (or, for that matter, a hoverbike). Short vertical hops have the potential to get you from place to place much faster by negating key obstacles. Traffic in the way? Fly over it. Tall building blocking your patch? Fly over it. Need to cross a river but all the bridges are clogged? Fly over it. Can't find a parking spot? Well, try the roof.


As crazy as this thing looks (and it does look pretty crazy), a prototype is supposed to be ready in time for the International Engineering Fair in Brno (which is the historical capital city of the Margraviate of Moravia, in case you were wondering) this September.

FBike, via CAFE Foundation

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