Can you paint with video? These guys can

Artists are always pushing the envelope with the materials they use to bring their creations to life. Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy are no exception, using a unique technique they call "video painting" to create dynamic, colorful scenes they roll onto walls all over Europe.

So how do you video paint? The duo, known together as "Sweatshoppe," have ceated the art — using the art of illusion — via custom software that tracks the position of their paint rollers and projects specific video where they choose to paint. The video is a blend of moving faces, graffiti marks, and textures that unfolds in real time as they use their rollers.

Sweatshoppe has created the interactive collages everywhere from the Berlin Wall to a two-story installation in Bristol, England that required them to create a 16-foot telescopic electronic paint roller to get the job done.

That sounds like a little bit of science added to the art!

Enjoy some video of the duo doing what definitely looks like some coloring outside the lines.

Via Hungeree

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