Brando's beer mug foams up your ale with the press of a switch

Some people hate beer foam and will gripe about how you're not pouring the beer into a glass at an angle and all that BS and some people love it because it's brings out the aromatic flavor of the brew. If you fall into the latter boat, this instant-foaming mug by Brando is the perfect gift for you.

Those of you who know Brando, know that its products aren't exactly the most useful ones, but they sure are quirky. Brando's gadgets are usually fun and harmless and the "Professional Beer Foam Making Mug" is no different. Using a spring-loaded mechanism, the switch forces pressure through the mug causing it to foam up sans batteries.

Get perfect beer foam. Every single time you drink.

Don't believe how much fun making your beer foam up is? Take a look at all these Japanese peeps having a blast with their foaming beer mugs. Bottoms up!

Via Brando

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