BMW's folding electric bike is the ultimate pedaling machine

The name BMW usually conjures up images of fast cars driven by hipsters and powerful motorcycles, but lately they've been showing us their greener side. The latest concept in this push is the i Pedelec, a folding electric bike for city commuters.

The i Pedalec is designed to be a companion to the i3 concept car we saw last year, with charging ports and space for two i Pedalecs inside the i3'S trunk. Once you're on the road, the i Pedalec's electric motor is only used to provide a boost for your pedaling, leaving you to do a lot of the work. Depending on what hills you encounter and your weight, the battery is good for about 15-25 miles, which should be plenty to get you from the train station to your office.

The bike has been designed so it folds in just a couple of seconds, at which point it can still be pushed along by hand while rolling on its wheels. That's a good plan considering its hefty 44 pound weight. Built from carbon fiber and aluminum, the i Pedalec includes some nifty high-tech features like regenerative braking that charges the battery as you slow down, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Most concept cars never actually end up getting built, but I think it would be really cool if BMW decided to built this even if they don't go with the companion i3 concept car.

BMW Blog, via Ubergizmo

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