Yes, yes a million times: Bed makes itself in 50 seconds

It's here. The self-making bed. Whether it is because you don't have time to make things tidy, or you can't be bothered to do it yourself it doesn't really matter. This bed will make itself in a mere 50 seconds.

Spanish furniture maker OHEA is behind the bed that makes itself. The bed looks unassuming enough, but once activated it looks like one of James Bond's cars with all kinds of hidden doors and levers springing into action.

When deployed, the self-tidying bed will release a small mechanical arm from a hidden area on the side and its two rollers will pull the cover or duvet up to the head of the bed.
Your pillows aren't ignored either. They are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases as they are elevated during the bed making process. When the cover is straight, the pillows fall back into place.

Any bed that has gone far enough to straighten out the pillows and hides rollers isn't going to leave you vulnerable to being trapped in bed while it's being made. There is a switch — as there always is with any good device — that has two settings, manual and automatic. If you place it in automatic mode, it will detect when the bed is empty and wait to activate the bed three seconds after that.

While it seems like they've thought of everything, the bed is clearly already geared towards the tidy minded. There isn't much covering the bed but a light duvet and frankly in my neck of the woods that's about three covers too little in the winter.

How the bed would handle the extra jumble of covers in that environment is questionable.

I can't wait to see how the bed performs in the real world, and if they make a heavy-duty edition that can put up with my pile of covers I'd consider giving it a try.


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