Because thinking up our own passwords is far too taxing

Though the Pentagon is attempting to do away with traditional passwords, the rest of us are probably stuck with them for a while. That being the case, who wants to expend all of their brainpower thinking up new passwords? If your answer is, "not me," then go ahead and let Moclay do it for you.

The online password generator exists for reasons that escape me but can be incredibly handy at creating passwords you'll never remember. You decide if it should have numbers and symbols, what case the letters should be in and the password's length.

Here are some of the passwords it came up with for me: aHVcT04o, UdJCDa5F and QDrVSt7R. I grant all DVICE readers complete permission to use these in whatever way you see fit.

In addition, you can donate money to Moclay, so this service and continue forever and ever. Because, you know, arbitrarily typing 8 letters and numbers is exhausting.

Moclay, Via Reddit

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