At last, the Roomba can now be wirelessly controlled

Everybody's favorite autonomous Roomba slave cleaning robot vacuum just got updated with a new "Wireless Command Center" remote. With it, you can now guide the new Roomba 790 over to any patch of crumbs, dirt or dust and start cleaning ASAP.

Using a radio frequency, the Wireless Command Center remote has directional buttons for steering the Roomba, a giant "Clean" button to start up the vac's suction, a button to set the onboard clock, a button to schedule a cleaning time, a button to send it back to its dock and a button that tells the Roomba to clean a specific spot.

The Roomba 790 is a mysophobe's dream come true.

The remote control runs on four AA batteries, that inconveniently aren't included in the box.

Like all Roombas, these cleaning 'bots don't come cheap. The new Roomba 790 will cost you $700 and is available now in the iRobot store.

Via iRobot

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