Asus' Taichi Ultrabook crams a full-sized touchscreen on its lid

How did we miss this gem at Computex last week? Oh right, E3 2012 happened. Lost in the kerfluffle of gaming news is this dual-screen Ultrabook called the Taichi by Asus. As with the company's Padfone, the Taichi bucks convention with a lid that actually has a screen on the inside and outside.

Asus was one of the first to market with an Ultrabook Zenbook, but as PC makers dilute the term Ultrabook and even invent their own bogus Ultrabook knockoffs, it's become increasingly important to design something that's not the same old, same old.

Is the Taichi a notebook or tablet? It's both. Both of its displays are 1920x1080 resolution, there's two cameras, two USB 3.0 port, a mini VGA, mini HDMI and DisplayPort ports, and NFC — all powered by an Intel Core i7 processor (Ivy Bridge), 4GB of RAM, and SSD storage. It'll ship in 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models (just like Apple does with the MacBook Air).

Of course, the main differentiator on the Taichi is that touchscreen on the lid. According to Engadget, the Super IPS+ display is "quite bright even at the lowest setting" although it did suffer from "backlight bleed around the top and bottom." There's also a nifty "mirroring" feature that'll enables both displays at the same time — perfect for presentations.

The Taichi is definitely one of the more interesting Ultrabook/tablet hybrids we've seen in a while. Asus isn't the only one to explore an Ultrabook/tablet hybrid. Lenovo showed off its Yoga at CES back in January.

Asus hasn't announced pricing or any official release date, but it's expected to arrive by October.

Asus via Gizmag

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