Astronaut rocks out on the ISS vacuum cleaner didgeridoo

When you've been flying around on the International Space Station for over five months, I guess you start to look for fresh ways to occupy your time. Astronaut Don Pettit has decided to put his musical passion to work, by creating the Orbital Didgeridoo.

The Soyuz spacecraft that the astronauts use to get to the ISS doesn't exactly have enough room for a five foot long instrument, so Don made his own using the ISS vacuum cleaner. By changing the number of hose sections and the tool at the end he can change tone and pitch of the instrument, but what gets me is how much this really sounds like an actual didgeridoo.

Not content with simply making sweet space music, Don with fellow astronaut Dan Burbank turn the session into a science class, with a pair of water pools that show the way sound waves affect the surface of the water.

Rock on space brother!

Via Pop Sci

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