Artist dreams up a gorgeous 'Microsoft Surface Phone 8' concept

We're not ashamed to say that Microsoft's Surface tablet running Windows 8 is looking like one sleek gadget. But what if Microsoft took the Surface brand one step further and decided to build its own smartphone (as is rumored)? If the Surface tablet had a little brother, it'd look like this industrial designer's concept, for sure.

The "Surface Phone 8" concept doesn't bother itself with silly imaginary specs because designer Jonas "YrOnimuS" Daehnert is all about the aesthetic. "Maybe there is working a Quadcore in it - 2GB of Ram - 32-64gb Storage - Display 1280x768 - 16MPx FullHD Camera and so on..."

Really, who cares when his concept phone makes even the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 look like a cans of old beans.

You can clearly see that Daehnert's design takes the Surface tablet's best attributes — its 22-degree angled edges, the alloy magnesium body, the sleek grilled speakers — and miniaturizes them to fit into a smartphone. Slap on the promising Windows Phone 8 and, boom, you've got yourself a winner.

In a way, Daehnert's design feels like the spiritual successor to the Zune HD, one of Microsoft's finest pieces of hardware in terms of industrial design.

Microsoft, if you're reading this. Build this phone. People would line up for them.

DeviantArt, via GeekyGadgets

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