AR-15 'Zombie Destroyer' kills undead with nine 30-round mags

Around these woods, we're prepared for everything — even zombies. You see, all this time, we thought arming ourselves with double barrel pistols would keep us safe. Man, were we wrong, because this custom AR-15 aka the "Zombie Destroyer" is powerful enough to rip through an entire horde of zombies in one go.

Overkill doesn't even begin to describe this rifle. Here's a running list of everything it's got mounted on:

  • 1. Muzzle dampening muzzle brake
  • 2. Four flashlights
  • 3. Three red-dot sights (100, 200 and 300 yards)
  • 4. Nine 30 round magazines (two mounted horizontally)
  • 5. A red and green laser

Do you really need one of these to ensure humanity's survival? Probably not. But, at least, with it, your chances of survival will be that much better.

ENDO Gun Blog, via Geekologie

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