Amazon's music streaming Cloud Player finally launches for iOS

There are about a million ways to get music on an iOS device. Do we really need another? Amazon thinks so. iOS users can now stream all of their favorite music directly to their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with its Cloud Player.

Amazon introduced the Cloud Player for Android and PC last year, but missing from the list of compatible devices were any Apple products. If you're one who's been holding out on the iOS boat because you buy music from Amazon and not iTunes, this app might switch ya.

Got a song that you bough from Amazon's music store that you want to stream to your iPhone? Go for it. Got a pile of dubstep remixes that you uploaded yourself? Stream it to your iPad. Everybody gets 5GB of free storage in Amazon's Cloud Storage for free.

And for a limited time, if you purchase one of the Cloud plans, you can get unlimited storage for MP3 and AAC music files.

Amazon Cloud Player is available for free in App Store here.

iTunes, via GigaOm

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