6 quirky PC case mods from Taipei's Computex

Gaming rigs may be all about the guts on the inside, but some folks turn their powerful machines into little monuments that celebrate the hobby. At the Computex tech expo in Taipei, tons of fetching mods were on display, from professionally done game and movie tie-ins, to custom hack jobs.

Up top is a good example of the weird shapes a computer case can take. Down in the gallery are some more: from Iron Man to Borderlands 2, and even a case that adds what we can only guess is an anti-physical media missile array.

Tech Report's Geoff Gasior was on the ground at Computex Taipei and took the photos seen here. Check it out in the gallery below.

Some other awesome case mods that we've seen recently: a towering AT-AT, a Battlefield 3 case that holds and chills your drink and a PC case mod with tank treads.

Via Tech Report

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