27 geekiest (and weirdest) fish tanks

Does your fish live in a bowl or a rectangular tank? Has he or she been looking a little depressed lately? Do you even know whether your fish is a he or a she?

Look, fish are people too, and they deserve more than just some rocks, a few fake plants, and a treasure chest that intermittently pukes bubbles. Take a look at this gallery of 27 (or so) geeky, weird, and occasionally dangerous fish tanks and let them inspire you to upgrade the digs of your fishy little friends.

Long time fans of mine (I think my Mom is the only one, but I try to stay optimistic) will recognize a lot of these fish tanks from my Fish Tank Friday series from OhGizmo.com, the very first blog I ever wrote for. These are by no means all the fish tanks I had the honor of covering, and if you're still hankering for more after this lot, we won't take it personally if you decide to read OhGizmo in addition to DVICE every day. (Because we read it, too. - Ed)

Behold the gallery below!

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