$160k laser meat slicer chops off perfectly sized cuts every time

If you're a butcher who needs perfectly even slices of meat every time, it takes real skill to know exactly where to cut to get say precisely a quarter pound. This professional meat slicer injects some technology into the process, by using laser measurement to deliver perfect precision.

The Natsune Libra 165C first runs the side of meat through its laser scanner, then using the overall weight it can calculate exactly how thick each slice needs to be to get a predetermined portion. During the measuring process it figures out the area at each slicing point, so it can cut thicker slices at the narrow end and thinner slices in the middle.

Best of all it can make these calculations and do the cutting in a split second, delivering up to 100 slices per minute. That's an awful lot of pork chops, but at $160,000 it sounds like this thing isn't exactly aimed at backyard chefs.

If you're trying to feed something like a large school and don't want the kids fighting over who got the bigger piece, the Natsune Libra 165C will be available later this month.

Via DigInfoTV

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