Jaw-dropping custom amphibious car is yours for $259,500

The only catch to buying this car, other than coming up with the scratch to pay for it, is you are going to have to want to break a record. This highly customized car — called Project Sea Lion — was created for the sole purpose of grabbing the amphibious land speed record. We doubt perspective owners will have a problem with that.

This unusual looking vehicle was designed using CAD software and calculations by Marc Witt. It's made from TIG welded brushed aluminum construction from CNC plasma burned shapes and milled components. It also features an integrated monocoque welded uni-body center section — which is a fancy way of saying that center section works with the skin of the car to distribute the weight.

So what makes this thing go? It uses a Mazda 13b rotary engine; Witt says this should be good enough to get the Sea Lion up to 180mph assuming you've got enough road, but it's not quite enough to break the amphibious record of 60 mph. He's got ideas on how to fix that though if you're interested…

By all accounts the car could be a very solid contender in the world of amphibious car record breaking. According to Fantasy Junction — the site offering the Sea Lion for sale — there are about 25 known contenders for the title of world's fastest. They each have different designs and specialties.

It turns out that the world of amphibious car record breaking is a lot like Fight Club. There are no rules and a lot of trash talking and the competition is unofficial. Each year someone will rock up with a so-called winning entry and will declare that — along with their data via public announcements.

And what would that data be? A GPS display and a YouTube video. This actually IS sounding more and more like a Fight Club for gazillionaires.

So now that you know the secrets of this shadowy world of amphibious car record breaking we'll just remind you that the barrier to entry is $259,000. You can find out more information on the car from the detailed notes and incredible photos taken by the maker — Marc Witt over at Fantasy Junction.

He's even kindly shared what he would do to make the car go faster for the record — and how he would modify the vehicle for street use after it's competition days are over.

We hope there are one or two folks out there with some money to burn (Zuckerberg? Anyone?) who will take on this challenge. And remember that first rule of Fight Club being that no one talks about Fight Club? That was before YouTube, dude.

Rich-guy-amphibious-car-record-breaking-fight-club was meant to be seen.

Fantasy Junction, via Autoblog

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