Nerf Vulcan Blaster transformed into a steampunk Goliathon

This steampunk gun called the Goliathon looks like it can channel the forces of the universe into one hell of a deadly shot. You'd figure anything with that much copper piping, gauges and metal has to be lethal right?

While the builder, Professor T. Lemetry humbly states the Goliathon can "level a building, down an airship, or turn a man inside out," he may be overstating the facts just a wee bit for creative license.

Just about the only thing this gun can kill is the conversation from all your jealous steampunk-lovin' friends when you place this over your mantel.

That's right, the Goliathon is only a toy and doesn't shoot anything. It's merely a creatively armored Nerf Vulcan Blaster. Though it is a swell piece of imagination and workmanship, the Goliathon is just an entertaining prop.

Fortunately you actually can mount this as a mantelpiece if you find you simply must have it as Professor T. Lemetry does make a nod to the modern age by having a shop set up on Etsy for you to buy the Goliathon and his other creations.

The Goliathon can be yours for $350 USD.

Professor T. Lemetry's Etsy Shop, via Technabob

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