Wicked Lasers taunts Lucas' lawyers with new LaserSaber blade

Wicked Lasers sure has been getting a lot of attention lately. As if it didn't already win the Internet with a real shark mounted with a real laser, it announces the LaserSaber (on Star Wars Day no less) — a tube mount that contains a Spyder III laser beam — like a lightsaber.

But don't call it a lightsaber. Lucas and his legal team will have a field day if you do. The LaserSaber (trademarked!) uses a "magnetic gravity system that can 'power up' and 'power down' the blade." Crafted from polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum, the LaserSaber will turn any robe-wearing geek into a real Jedi or Sith — only it won't.

The LaserSaber attachment doesn't make any swishing sounds, requires you wear safety laser shades and costs $100 (that's without the $300 Spyder III laser). For genuine Star Wars cosplay, you're better off with the Force FX Lightsaber ($100) that does make sounds or the Hasbro Ultimate FX Lightsabers ($35).

The disappointment doesn't end there. WickedLasers says the LaserSaber should not be used as a fencing tool. making it little than an expensive prop. So, even though its product video shows pro stuntmen duking it out with LaserSabers, don't attempt it at home. What a waste.

Via WickedLasers

(Thanks Tim!)

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