Watch a 3D mini city burst from the screen of an iPhone

You can't really understand how cool this 3D animation is until you see it. An artist has created a town that comes to life from the screen of an iPhone. I urge you to go watch the video. Go. Watch right now — we'll be here when you're done.

Are you blown away as I was by this candy colored town that pops up as you watch a car whizzing down the animation's main street?

The iPhone Diorama is the work of LA-based 3D artist Mike Ko who created this masterpiece for his graduation project from Otis College of Art & Design. It was created using Maya, After Effects and Pftrack, and took Ko three months to complete.

Honestly, if this is his graduation project can you imagine what his post-grad work is like?

I wish they gave a Nobel Prize for whimsy. I'd give it to this guy because surely anyone who watches this recognizes the fun of the fantasy combined with obvious technical skill.

I hope Pixar executives put Ko on their speed dial so we can see more from him in the future.

Via Mike Ko,

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