Warning: Sleeping with your iPad can be hazardous to your smile

Hardcore users of the iPad have a secret fear that is seldom discussed but near the top of list if you live with your tablet as much as many of us do everyday. In short, it involves how to avoid getting smacked in the face with your iPad while falling asleep in bed.

Well now the nightmare scenario many of us have feared has come to pass in Asia. A young girl in Taiwan had one of her front teeth knocked out when she drifted off to sleep and lost her grip on the popular tablet. The news report says the girl's mother was surprised by the strength of the tablet and the fact that it could cause so much damage, however, I can personally attest to the fact that falling iPad danger is real. I've had my nose and chin abused frequently by my (surprisingly heavy) falling iPad after foolishly dozing off while reading. I've even had a few chipped tooth near misses, which has led to me putting the device farther down on my chest when in bed.

Have any of you out there had a similar experience with your tablet? Do you suffer from falling iPad fear? If so, share your anecdote in the comments. If not, be forewarned, and check out the news report below (in Chinese, but the visuals tell the story).

Via MicGadget

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