Video: What Pinterest's 'pinning' would look like in real life

I admit, I've got a Pinterest obsession. Since I started aggressively 'pinning' finds to my boards, I've racked up 488 pins in a month and a healthy number of board followers. Still don't understand what Pinterest is about? This hilarious video by Comediva explains how addictive it can get.

If you're already a pinsane pinning Pinterest junkie, you might be interested in this other video that depicts what the social network would have looked like if it were invented in the 1990s.

As wonderful and simple as pinning items to Pinterest is, there's still a huge hole that needs to be filled regarding proper photo attribution. Flickr recently blocked Pinterest from re-pinning photos from its collections, but eventually worked together on a solution that ensures original photographers are credited for their photos.

Are you on Pinterest? What do you like/dislike about the social network?

Via YouTube

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