Video: The sweetest Iron Man costume around gets a jetpack

Anthony "Master" Le, who can handily boast of having the coolest homemade suit of Iron Man armor around, just added another little flair to his Mark VII armor, fashioned after Tony Stark's suit from the newly released film, The Avengers: an animating, light-up jetpack, installed with CO2 canisters to simulate hot jet stream air.

Listing out the goodies on his website, Le boasts of the same motorized shoulder weapons and faceplate from previous suits, as well as all new material, painting and building techniques. The whole thing looks a lot tighter and, as you'll see in video below, moves around like a dream.

What's coming up next from Le? No idea, but if I made it, it'd be a built-in, uh, recycler, because I'd never take this thing off.

Friendly warning: there's a pretty audible obscenity in the video below. You know, just in case grandma is nearby!

Master Le, via Obvious Winner, via Geekologie

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