Science vid teaches 'how to measure the universe' in 4 minutes

Looking up in the sky tends to generate a lot of questions. You'll likely get why is the sky blue, or how are rainbows made — you know science, so you can knock those out of the park on your own. When the questions start coming about the universe it can get a little more complicated and you might want some help.

Now questions start getting bigger, such as, "How do we measure distances in the universe?" Pause for effect, remember back on this handy video, then be prepared to slay everyone with your smartness.

This easy-to-understand and absolutely informative clip is brought to us by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, prepared for the exhibition "Measuring the Universe: From the Transit of Venus to the Edge of the Cosmos" running there through September. In the video you'll start with how we measure objects here on Earth (hint: the parallax effect). We can use the same general principles learned there on items such as stars in our "near space."

When you move out past our nearest starts you'll learn about something called "standard candles" and how that affects measurement.

No more hints! From here, you'll just have to sit back, take it all in and commit it to memory.

Via The Awesomer

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