Video: Guy unboxes and reviews the 'new Instagram camera'

It's not quite as compact as ADR Studio's Socialmatic Instagram camera, but we think this "Instagram Camera" is hands-down the best camera you can pay $2,000 and clearly the camera of the year.

Featuring a "basic" design and Instagram's recognizable brown, white and rainbow stripes, the Instagram Camera shoots video and photos!

"Thanks to the Instagram software, everything looks better." The camera even has image stabilization!

Some features the Instagram app doesn't have, but this camera does is a "landscape mode" that automagically adds clouds or even mountains to empty skies, an autofocus that doesn't work properly and the ability to make everything "look old and hipster-like."

We have to agree. This is quite possibly the best thing anyone can ever buy.

Alright, the jig's up, it's a spoof, but boy is it a funny one. The most depressing part is that hipsters would probably eat something like this right up if Polaroid ever made it.

Via YouTube, via ElectRoulette

(Thanks ElectrRoulette!)

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