Video game controllers X-rayed show the beauty of button mashing

What does a guy with access to industrial X-ray machines do with the see-through machines? X-ray his naughty bits and upload them anonymously to the Internet? Been there, done that. How about X-ray video game controllers? Yeah, now that's more like it.

We've got a real soft spot for gadgets put through the X-ray machine and Reddit user Diabolikal49's video game controller X-rays do nothing but make our geek-o-meters explode.

If you've ever wondered what the inside of today's modern game controllers look like but were too afraid to take a screwdriver to them, here's a look at at things from the inside.

While console boxes are jammed shut with wiring and chips in as little space as possible, the controllers are actually kind of empty. There's not a lot of parts and most of it's just a plastic shell. That would explain why most controllers can take a beating or slam to the floor/

Imgur, via NotCot

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