USPS ceases international delivery of most gadgets

The United States Postal Service will no longer ship devices with lithium-ion batteries overseas starting May 16. Items with lithium-ion batteries, by the way, is pretty much most electronic devices including cell phones, laptops and this x-ray machine.

Covered in the ban is all overseas military bases. According to PC Mag, the ban includes "video cameras, GPS devices, cameras, feature and smartphones, MP3 players, laptop computers, GPS devices, and even smaller gadgets like Bluetooth headsets and electric shavers." In other words, everything I order from Amazon.

The USPS has stated it expects the ban to lift by Jan. 1, 2013, when more regulations are put in place. Until then, though, private carriers will likely receive a great portion of the business that once belonged to the USPS.

The reason is under the International Civil Aviation Organization technical instructions, the USPS restrictions define these batteries as "dangerous goods," due to instability.

Got to be careful when it comes to iPods, apparently.

Via PC Mag

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