Underwater hotel lets you sleep with the fishes

If your idea of a perfect romantic night means getting up close and personal with the local marine life, then the upcoming Discus Hotel and Resort in Dubai should be the perfect fit.

The two-level hotel will be constructed like an oil platform, with a superstructure containing common areas such as the lobby, restaurant, gym and helipad, while a second underwater pod has the 21 suites, a bar and a dive center. The two sections are connected by a shaft with stairs and an elevator. From their rooms, guests will be able to control a small submersible equipped with cameras, which they can send out to take pictures of the surrounding reef.

While this might sound like some kind of James Bond fantasy concept from a designer with a fertile imagination, Dubai has a pretty good track record of bringing this type of fantasy to life. To back that reputation up, the UAE-based developer Drydocks World has signed a contract with Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult to built the Discus. No completion date was announced.

News.com.au, via Born Rich

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