This triple-jointed iPad cover and stand is inspired by origami

New Orleans, LA — Not that there's anything wrong with Apple's Smart Cover, but its tri-fold design is kind of limited, especially if you want your iPad to stand by itself vertically. To help your iPad stand up on its own in virtually any position, Moshi has unveiled the Versa smart cover here at the CTIA show.

Instead of a horizontal tri-fold design, Versa will remind you of the folded paper fortune tellers girls used to make in grammar school — it uses a triangular design to enable a plethora of funky fold patterns for standing your iPad up in both landscape and portrait orientations and angled for both video/photo viewing and typing. But the photos accompanying this post tell a more compelling Versa story than these words.

Like Apple's smart cover, Versa attaches via magnets and auto wakes up iPad when lifted up and puts it to sleep when laid down. But Versa also includes a back cover, which includes its own magnet that secures the cover when laid flat across the back rather than flapping around.

Versa will be available next month for between $50-$60 in three color schemes: black with a black back case (try saying that three times fast), gray with a clear back case, and all white.

Via Moshi

Posted on location at International CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans.

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