Touchscreen kiosk can duplicate your keys in just one minute

File this one under devices that make so much sense we thought they already existed. Someone finally invented what might be the most practical kiosk ever: an automated key duplicator.

The MinuteKey kiosk can duplicate nearly any key in a minute, requires a credit card (no cash), and the company claims that the machine's copies are more accurate than most hardware stores. One user recently found the 800-pound machine in the wild where the price for 1 key was $1.49, and 3 keys for $3. When choosing your key you can also pick a decorative key design, with the only significant limitation being that the machine will not duplicate car keys.

According to the website, you can find the kiosk in a number of Lowe's and selected Costco, Sears and Walmart stores. Sorry Mom-and-Pop stores, but it looks like the $2 billion key copying business has been officially disrupted. You can see the MinuteKey kiosk in action in the video below.

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