This alligator clip kit turns virtually any object into a gamepad

Have you ever looked at an NES controller (or any controller) and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish the buttons were made out of bacon instead of plastic?" Yes? Then the MaKey MaKey kit is exactly what you need to get.

MaKey MaKey is a very simple kit created by MIT Media Lab researchers Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum. Each kit includes a MaKey MaKey circuit board, alligator clips and a USB cable. It's awesome.

I declare it so because the kit basically turns anything that you hook up to it via alligator clips into touchable buttons.

Anyone who's ever made a potato lightbulb for their grade school science project will understand the magic behind the MaKey MaKey.

In the Jay and Eric's Kickstarter video (see below), they demo Super Mario Bros. running on a computer emulator but played with an NES controller made from Play-Doh clay buttons, Pac-Man played with a pencil-drawn joystick, a water bucket dance mat for Dance Dance Revolution and other non-gaming control schemes such as stairs that work like a piano, bananas that replicate piano keys and even alphabet soup buttons.

As already said, almost any object that can conduct any bit of electricity works with the MaKey MaKey. And if it doesn't, well, MaKey MaKey suggests just rubbing them with bananas, spraying them with water, or sticking copper tape to them to make them conductive.

The MIT grad students only asked for $25,000 in funding, but they've already received 3,848 backers and $175,335 worth of funding. Add this project to the list of Kickstarters that got way more than they asked for.

MaKey MaKey and Kickstarter, via TheAwesomer

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