This new gesture control system makes Kinect look kind of crude

The Kinect gesture control system wowed everyone when it was first announced three years ago, but now a San Francisco startup called Leap Motion has a new system that promises to make Microsoft's effort look crude.

The Leap gesture control interface can detect movements as small as 1/100th of a millimeter, so instead of jumping up and down while flapping your arms, you can control things with the tiniest finger motions.

Best of all, Leap isn't part of a closed loop system like the Kinect or WiiMote, so it can control any regular on-screen activity much like you do with a mouse. All you do is connect the Leap sensor to your computer via USB, and it will detect motion within a four cubic foot space. Leap Motion is currently seeking developers who can create apps specifically for the interface, but even without special apps this looks like a very cool new way to control your computer.

The video gives a pretty good overview of what Leap thinks their interface can do with everything from simplifying web surfing and email tasks, to 3D modeling and gaming.

The Leap won't be shipping until next year, but they are taking pre-orders now for just $70. Sounds like a deal to me.

Leap Motion, via C-Net

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