Telepresence robot puts a remote angel on your shoulder

When it comes to robotics, the line between cute and creepy is a thin one. Somehow, Japan's new MH-2 telepresence robot manages to be a little bit of both.

Created by researchers at Yamagata University's Telerobotics Lab, the MH-2 sits on your shoulder and acts as the avatar of a remote viewer who has the ability to communicate with the wearer through audio and physical gestures. Although the current iteration of the MH-2 (MH stands for "miniature humanoid") is visually a collection of metal and plastic, the creators hope to make the final version look like a tiny human, complete with artificial hair, skin and clothing.

You can see an early demonstration of how a remote user would use the robot (originally called the Telecommunicator) to interact with the wearer here [video link], or see testing of the MH-2 in action the video below.

Via IEEE Spectrum

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