Synergy aircraft design will be 10x more efficient at 10% of cost

It's not an easy proposition to design a novel light aircraft from the ground up. In the case of Synergy, even Kickstarter wasn't willing to give it a shot until fans of the project got the crowdsourcing site to reconsider. Now, Synergy is $50,000 away from crossing that dangerous gap between concept and reality.

Obviously, the thing that makes Synergy different from other aircraft designs is that crazy streamlining with the double-box wing and tail. Looking futuristic and cool is just a side-effect, though: the body and wing design will, according to the people running the project, result in an absolutely massive decrease in drag, in turn resulting in about ten times the fuel economy of a small jet at just ten percent of the cost. This means that Synergy will be quieter, roomier (seating five), safer, cheaper to operate and, of course, faster.

The current status of the Synergy project is that they've got a 25% scale model that flies, and while they're in the process of building a full-scale prototype, they need funding for integration of the landing gear and engine. When the craft is finished, the designers are confident that it'll be so stupendously successful ("conclusively demonstrate stellar performance," they say), and from that point, they'll be able to produce the aircraft at relatively low cost even without high volumes.

The $65,000 total infusion that Synergy needs on Kickstarter should be enough to get the project through its most vulnerable phase, and if you just can't wait for your own, a pledge of $100 or more puts you in line for a ride in the prototype when it's finished.

Synergy Project, via Cafe Foundation

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