Surfaces concept turns TV into wallpaper, wallpaper into TV

In the future, everybody has wallpaper that doubles as TVs, offering gigantic expanses of real estate to project overpoweringly large images of whatever floats your boat, like calming ocean scenes. NDS, a DVR security company, has created this proof-of-concept display system which will turn your walls into TVs for only $30,000.

This system, called "Surfaces," isn't yet integrated in the way that you're probably hoping it is. The current implementation relies on a series of six LCD projectors, but (like NDS) we're just going to pretend that this is the future and the wallpaper/TV combo is made up of some super-slick version of full-color and full-motion E Ink. When it's on, it's a giganto-display, and when it's off, it blends seamlessly into your wallpaper.

Having a display this size for one single image is often impractical, but NDS figures that most people will take advantage of all the space to look at lots of different things at the same time, more like a computer desktop than a TV. For example, you may want to use the display to watch the news in the morning, but the news program might only take up a small portion of the display, while you fill out the rest of the space with traffic and weather updates and the latest awesome tech news from DVICE. Booya!

NDS says that this kind of tech (with 4K-capable projector(s), not E Ink) is probably about five years away, but that's partially dependent on the availability of 4K content, which there isn't that much of quite yet. It's sort of the same problem that you have with 3DTV: it doesn't make sense to broadcast it if nobody can watch it, and it doesn't make sense to buy hardware to watch it if nobody's broadcasting it. However, the cool thing about what NDS has going on here is that even without 4K, you could still get a lot of mileage out of a display that's large enough to show lots of different things on your walls all at the same time.

Via Wired