Special lollipops invented by 13-year-old are sweet hiccup cure

Hiccups are a pain in the ass. They disrupt your life, and everyone has a different suggestion about how to cure them. Drink three glasses of water. Hold your breath and swallow. How about sucking on a lollipop? That's a cure we can all get behind — and one that a 13-year-old inventor says her special lollipop will cure.

Mallory Kievman's lollipops — called Hiccupops — are the result of two years of study. She looked at all the usual folk cures and read everything on the subject from research to clinical trials. Her end product, a lollipop made from apple cider vinegar and sugar already has a patent pending.

According to Kievman, the vinegar helps to over-stimulate the nerves in the throat that are involved in the hiccupping reflex, and helps them relax the reflex. The sugar — often featured in a folk cures — actually does have a proven effect. Kievman came across clinical trials from the 70s that showed using sugar on the back of the tongue stopped sporadic hiccups in 18 of 20 patients.

The 13-year-old's hard work paid off when she entered her invention in the Connecticut Invention Convention for kids last spring and was awarded the prize for innovation at patentability. Not only did she come away from the invention show with having a patent filed for her pops, but now she also has a team of University of Connecticut MBA students helping her bring the product to market this summer.

Kievman is still working on the exact recipe — she wants them to be tastier and more shelf stable before finding a manufacturer.

What can you say about a 13-year-old-inventor who has come up with a cure for something that has eluded mankind for centuries? Well done kid, would be a nice start, though probably patronizing given her level of sophistication.

Ultimately Kievman would like to be a doctor, and to that we would say sounds like an excellent idea.

Via Mashable, Tecca

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