Pic: South Korea's dizzying, record-breaking 105-foot Lego tower

Sure, usually the complex castles and vehicles get most of the Lego-lovin' press. A simple tower like this one just finished in Seoul, South Korea might not get much press unless it were for the fact that it now holds the world record as the tallest Lego structure.

We know it's not as complex as hyper-realistic Lego skyscrapers, but it tops them all at 105 feet tall.

Adding to the cool factor of this tower is the fact that it was created by kids - around 4,000 of them who had won a contest to participate in the event in honor of the company's 80th birthday on May 13.

The kids worked with over 50,000 of the famous plastic bricks over five days to create the pieces that formed the tower. The Crown Prince of Denmark had the honor of adding the last brick that pushed the tower over the previous record by just 31 centimeters.

Take a peek at the video below to see the fun from the mayhem on the ground to the last pieces go into place courtesy of a cherry picker.

As if contest to participate and the efforts of a Crown Prince didn't give it away, going for the record of the tallest Lego structure is serious business. The record keeping started in London in 1988, and there have since been 30 records set and broken.

With just a 31 centimeter margin capping this one off as the new sheriff of Lego-town, I'm sure plans are already being drawn up in great secrecy as to the next record-breaking attempt.

I'm willing to bet it might be in London during a little something called the Olympics…but that might be too obvious.

Architizer, Tecca

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