Softbank unveils world's first radiation-detecting smartphone

Although some would have you believe that the worst is over in Japan regarding the Fukushima nuclear crisis, local residents remain concerned about the fragile power plant and the possibility of radiation contamination. To address this, Softbank has released the world's first radiation-detecting smartphone.

The company, known for being the first to bring the iPhone to Japan, has dubbed the device the Pantone 5 (model 107sh). After pressing the small circle on the front of the handset, the user receives the current radiation reading for their location as represented on a map of Japan. The company even showed off a commercial promoting the device. However the commercial fails to promote the radiation-detecting powers of the phone, a clear sign that living with radiation concerns in Japan is still a touchy subject.

Softbank plans to release the phone in July, but you can see it in action in the video below.

Via Nikkei

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