Scientists to build $1 billion city where no one will live

The coolest town of all time is about to be built, and no one will live in it. A scientific ghost town that cost a billion dollars will soon be built in New Mexico as a testing ground for futuristic technologies. It won't only look futuristic like this accidental ghost town, it actually will be.

The city, which will be built in Lea County, will test everything from intelligent traffic systems to next-generation wireless networks. A rendering of it is above.

Something about the idea of a city with self-driving cars going from place to place sans passengers is inherently creepy but also incredibly cool.

The Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation project will be about 15 square miles and is considered the first of its kind.

June 30 is the set date to begin building this incredibly frustrating city that feels like the biggest prank of all time. There's no telling if people will be able to move in late, but here's to hoping.

Via Fox News

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