Rube Goldberg machine hits the road in two suitcases

I love Rube Goldberg machines. Each one is a uniquely glorious ode to futility, lost time and gadgets. Lots of gadgets. So how do you improve a Rube Goldberg? Miniaturize it and make it portable.

This charming little machine fits into two vintage suitcases and its sole mission is to place a stamp on a postcard that recounts its travels. Despite its small size it's still incredibly detailed — as is the way of most Rube Goldberg machines. The highlight of this one has to be when the first suitcase opens the second one to continue its complex journey towards an otherwise simple task.

This Rube Goldberg is the work of Dutch directors Elske van der Putten and Erik Sjouerman of the firm HeyHeyHey. This is the same firm that brought the world the Melvin Machine — a Rube Goldberg machine with the unusual task of promoting itself. It took pictures of its audience and uploaded them to its website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. It unfurled banners with messages, and in a controlled blaze of glory even managed to print its own merchandise in the form of silk-screened t-shirts.

I suppose the creators thought if the Melvin Machine can do all that, surely it could also spawn its own Mini-Melvin.

Sure, it probably had some help from HeyHeyHey but if you look closely, you'll see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree as some of the chain reactions are much the same as the original Melvin.

Sit back with your coffee and enjoy a good four and a half minutes of something way cool that isn't your work email. And if you hit play again we won't fault you — wasting time is the whole point of the exercise.

Amsterdam Ad Blog, via Gizmodo

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