Ridiculously Automated Dormroom includes 'emergency party button'

UC Berkeley student Derek Low lives with BRAD, but BRAD's not his roommate. BRAD is the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dormroom that Low built for himself to live in while attending the university, and it's got everything from voice-activated lights to separate modes for different moods.

Whatever you want — from opening a curtain to turning out the lights — is just a voice command away within BRAD. Low has also set up a suite of different pre-configured modes, such as homework, romantic and party modes (sounds like more fun than work, young man), and each one will mess with the lights, play some music or — in party mode — fire up a fog machine, laser light show and danceable tunage.

According to Low, the whole shebang took three months and "several hundred dollars," and he's even detailed the process on his personal blog here.

One wonders if the university will use BRAD as a model for dorm rooms going forward. From Deborah Netburn of the Los Angeles Times:

"The room has become a bit of a tourist destination on campus: When I contacted him to see if he would talk to me, he said it was a little hard to get to the phone because his room is receiving so many visitors."

Check the video below to see the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dormroom in action.

Laboratory @ Home, via L.A. Times

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