How we'll rethink gas pumps when gas is a thing of the past

Most of us can remember when there were phone booths — and then one day they were gone as mobile phones made them obsolete. The very same extinction could be facing gas pumps if more people adopt electric vehicles. But, as this design challenge shows just because they may not pump gas doesn't mean they have to hit the landfill.

Designer James Dive was asked to transform 40 gas pumps into "something else" as a celebration of the launch of Nissan's Leaf EV. He upcycled the pumps into a working guitar amp, a gumball machine, a doghouse, a birdfeeder, a TV stand and much more for the Zero Petrol exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.

What's cool about the exhibit he dubbed "A World Without Petrol," is that in each piece, no matter how radical the transformation, you still know it was a gas pump. Visitors to the exhibit were encouraged to play around with the pieces, many of which had new functionality.

Think these examples look groovy? Well then make your voice heard. You a href="" target="_blank">can votel on which pump is top of the heap and you could even win one for your living room — or wherever you would put a gas pump.

That would be up to you.

Whether the fully electric Nissan Leaf will take off quickly is hard to say so it's likely we'll still see gas pumps in the U.S. and Australia for some time. But, exercises like this help us imagine and enjoy what a greener future may look like.

In this case it looks like fun.

Zero Petrol, via Inhabitat

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