Video: A real car-to-robot transformer in action

This video of a pint-sized version of a Transformer exceeded my expectation. Up until now, we've seen giant statues made out of junk, or some spectacular toys that look good but can't do much without help from their humans. This car not only transforms into a robot with appealing ease, but it comes out swinging, too.

This "Version Eight" of a Sideswipe twin was built by Kenji Ishida from JS Robotics. He used 22 servomotors to help make the transformation.

If eight tries were all that it took to get them to this sweet looking version I'd say the future is pretty bright for any upcoming robots.

For the record, I love the punching and waving from Version Eight, but I'd like to put in a request for Version Nine: can they program it to pick stuff up and crush it? Soda cans would be perfectly fine for this.

Via The Verge

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