R2-D2 adds making a cup of joe to his maintenance duties

Artoo is a busy droid. He's travelled the universe delivering plans to the Rebel Alliance, served as Luke's astromech, preserved the history of the Skywalker clan in his memory banks and even handed out an Oscar at the 50th anniversary of the Academy Awards. Now, the droid's making coffee.

I'm not sure how I feel about that, but the R2-D2 "Dark Roast Edition" seems to be doing a good job.

This particular R2 unit started out as a Bunn coffee maker, and thanks to some clever modification along with brass, copper and other assorted custom parts, he now turns water into to sweet go-go juice.

Just pour the water into his head and it travels through an orb/filter basket that looks like it was always meant to be there. It gradually drips through into the serving container.

If this R2-D2 Coffee Maker is calling out to you, you can have one of your own (if you don't mind a little DIY work). The instructions are posted on Instructables by its creator inthebathroom.

Intellectually I know this R2-D2 coffee maker isn't the real Artoo so it's all good. Otherwise I'd be a little sad that making coffee is what he's been reduced to no matter how willing he is to serve.

Instructables, via R2D2Central, Technabob

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